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WFC 104 Official Results

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180lbs PRO MMA: JJ AMRBOSE   WINS by SUBMISSION-mounted guillotine over Art Hernandez (1st Round at 3:57).

165lbs  MMA: MAYHI MEDRANO  WINS by SUBMISSION-armbar over Roger Atchley  (1st Round at 1:04).

185lbs PRO MMA: RYDER NEWMAN  WINS by TKO over Isaiah Warnert  (1st Round at :42 secs)

145lbs MMA: WESLEY BAILES WINS by SUBMISSION-guillotine choke over Jesse Herrera (2nd Round at 1:14).

125lbs MMA: TRENT PHILLIPS WINS by SUBMISSION-reverse triangle choke over Christian Beyers (1st Round at 1:15).


170lbs MMA: JOSH VOGELSANG  WINS by KO over Corey Daniels. (1st Round at 1:15).

160lbs MMA:JEFF SUTTON  WINS  by SUBMISSION-Guillotine choke over JJ Nelson (2nd Round at :28secs ).

155lbs MMA: BREONA VAUGHN WINS by KO  over Kelsey Wickstrum (1st Round at 14 secs).

145lbs MMA: TIMMY CUAMBA WINS by SUBMISSION-RNC over Coleman Griffith.  (1st Round at 2:47).

180lbs MMA: REX HAZUKA  WINS by TKO  over Edwin Morales. (1st Round at :38secs)