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WFC 105 Official Results

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Thank you Coeur D’Alene for such a warm welcoming!

175bs PRO MMA: KILLIAN ESTES WINS by RNC Submission over Adam Walkemeyer.(1st Round at 3:04)

155lbs PRO MMA: CRAIG FEISTNER  WINS by RNC submission e over Jesse Nutting  (1st Round at :58)

155lbs PRO MMA: RYAN MULVIHILL WINS by RNC submission over Charon Spain (1st Round at 2:12)

HVY AMMY MMA:TYLOR SIJOHN WINS by TKO over Johnnie Burlington (2nd Round at 2:11)

135lbs AMMY MMA: CORY DEA WINS by Unanimous Decision over Jon Naccarotto (29-28 | 29-27 | 29-28)

220lbs AMMY MMA : DOMINIK NYLAND WINS by TKO over Kyle Scott (2nd Round at 2:52).

145lbs AMMY MMA: COBY GARRISON WINS by KO by Strikes over Mikey Shaw. (1st Round at :34).

155lbs AMMY MMA: FAIZON RAWLINS WINS by Unanimous Decision over Dana Leverence (27-30 | 27-30 | 27-30)

160lbs AMMY MMA: JOSE FERRERI WINS by TKO over Shannon Smith.(1st Round at 1:22 ).

200lbs AMMY MMA:EVANDER COBBS WINS by TKO over Howie Johnson (2nd Round at 1:06 ).