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WFC 117 Official Results

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Thank you Idaho for your continuous support!

160lbs PRO:  Corey Cook Vs Evian Rodriguez. COREY COOK WINS by TKO.

160lbs PRO: Adam Smith Vs Andrew Whitfield. ANDREW WITFIELD WINS by Unanimous Decision. 

135lbs PRO: Jamal Davis Vs Josh Reyes. CJ DAVIS WINS by TKO. 

175lbs PRO: Monty Klistoff Vs Charon Spain. CHARON SPAIN WINS by KO.

HVY AMATEUR: Tylor Sijohn Vs William Miller. TYLOR SIJOHN WINS by TKO.

135lbs AMATEUR: Erik Mendez Vs Corey Dea. ERIK MENDEZ WINS via Unanimous Decision.

HVY AMATEUR: Salvador Apodaca Vs Johnnie Burlington. SALVADOR APODACA WIN via Unanimous Decision.

155lbs AMATEUR: Faizon Rawlins Vs Matteo Mora: FAIZON RAWLINS WON via Unanimous Decision. 

145lbs AMATEUR: Kyler Wilkins Vs Jayson Pitman: KYLER WILKINS WON Via Unanimous Decision,

170lbs AMATEUR: Keith Kovac Vs Jario Villasenor: KEITH KOVAC WON Via Unanimous Decision. 

HVY AMATEUR: Josh Dehnel Vs Paco Mora: PACO MORA WON Via Unanimous Decision.