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WFC 123 Official Results

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205lbs PRO MMA: DANIEL GADLEY WINS by KO over Jared Torgeson (1st Round at 28secs)

170lbs PRO MMA:CRAIG FEISTNER WINS by Unanimous Decision over Charon Spain (27-30 | 27-30 | 27-30)

170lbs PRO MMA: Jacob Jokela Vs Jessee Gengler. NO CONTEST.

155lbs PRO KICBOXING: EVIAN RODRIGUEZ WINS by TKO/Ref Stoppage over Grant Schwallie (2nd Round at 1:58secs)

HVY Ammy MMA: TYLOR SIJOHN WINS by TKO over Adam Cool (1st Round at 47secs)

145lbs Ammy MMA: JOHN NACCARATO WINS by Tap RNC Submission over Kyler Wilkins (3rd Round at 1:16secs)

HVY Ammy Kickboxing: SALVADOR APODACA WINS by TKO over Tito Gonzalez (1st Round at 1:34secs)

125lbs Ammy MMA: CORY DEA WINS by TKO over Keenan Avey (1st Round at 13secs)

180lbs Ammy MMA: JOSH RICHMOND WINS by Tap RNC Submission over Alex Gonzalez (1st Round at 33secs)

145lbs Ammy MMA:FAIZON RAWLINS WINS by TKO over Matt Schmoyer (1st Round at 1:46secs)

145lbs Ammy MMA: Alex Gamez Vs LJ Huereca. NO CONTEST.