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WFC 41 Official Results

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WFC 41 Official Results

Saturday, June 27th 2015

Professional MMA, Amateur MMA & Muay Thai

Reno, Nevada

“We took a big step with the creation of the pro and amateur supershow in Reno.  I want to thank all the fight camps, the fans, and all the support staff who made this show possible.  We are coming back for sure!   Thank you to all the up-and-coming talent in Northern Nevada!” – Matt McGovern, President, World Fighting Championships

WFC 41 Official Results:

Anthony Herron-Robles v Justin Rashidi, 170 lbs MMA: Justin Rashidi wins by 1st round (2:11) submission (rear naked choke).

Michael Quinones v William Massey, 150 lbs, MMA: Michael Quinones wins by 1st round (2:10) submission (guillotine).

Josh Nemo v Armando Espino, 170 lbs. MMA: Josh Nemo wins by 2nd round (1:12) TKO (referee stoppage).

Akili Bean v Jeremy Murphy, 160 lbs, MMA: Jeremy Murphy wins by 3rd round Unaminous Decision.

James Mulder v Alexis Casillas, 130 lbs, Muay Thai: James Mulder wins 3rd round Unaminous Decision.

Lex Sarabia v Joey Murray, 185 lbs, MMA: Joe Murray wins by 2nd round (:52) submission (rear naked choke).

John Roberts v Andrew Capurro, 145 lbs, Muay Thai: Andrew Capurro wins by 3rd round Unamious Decision.

Jonathan Morris v Justin Gragg, 170 lbs, MMA: Jonathan Morris wins by 2nd round (1:36) TKO.

Anthony Wysock v Jake Wright, 164 lbs, Muay Thai: Jake Wright wins by 3rd round Unanimous Decision.

Jamario Mulder v Melvin Washington, 155 lbs, MMA Title Fight: Jamario Mulder wins by 3rd round (:37) TKO (referee stoppage).

Dan Molina v Jason Walraven, 219 lbs, Pro MMA: Dan Molina wins by 1st round (4:43) submission (achilles lock).

Brandon Frunk v Fard Muhammad, 135 lbs, Pro MMA: Brandon Frunk wins by 3rd round Unanimous Decision.

Steven Siler v Jack Montgomery, 155 lbs Pro MMA: Steven Siler wins by 1st round (2:32) TKO (punches).


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