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WFC 49 Official Results

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WFC 49 Official Results

Reno, NV — March 21st,2016 — World Fighting Championships and Grand Sierra Resort and had a sold out crowd for WFC 49. The night was full of finishes and energetic bouts.

Main Event MMA HVY: Matt McCrary Vs Emilio Trevino. EMILIO TREVINO WINS! (1st Round Tapout due to Armbar)

MT 147lbs: Adam Hebenstreich Vs Gabriel Ramirez. GABRIEL RAMIREZ WINS! (Split Decision)

MMA 165lbs: Melvin Washington Vs Omar Hussein. OMAR HUSSEIN WINS! (Split Decision)

MT 165lbs: Justin Gragg Vs Marcel Warren. MARCEL WARREN WINS! (Split Decision)

MMA 180lbs: Lex Sarabia Vs Jay McKerrrihan. LEX SARABIA WINS. (1st Round TKO at 1:15)

MT 135lbs: Alexis Casillas Vs Robert Burgess. ALEXIS CASILLAS WINS! (Unanimous Decision)

MMA 185lbs: Kyle Zemp Vs Joe Murray. JOE MURRAY WINS! (1st Round KO at 2:16)

MT 170lbs: Travis  Bringle Vs Cameron Church. CAMERON CHURCH WINS! (Unanimous Decision)

MMA 135lbs: Chris Min Vs Lake Gee. LAKE GEE WINS! (1st Round TKO at 1:52)

MT 155lbs: Adrian Flores Vs Michael Arvisars. ADRIAN FLORES WINS! (2nd Round TKO at 1:20)

MMA HVY: Carlos Sanchez Vs Jeremiah Pharms. CARLOS SANCHEZ WINS!                  (Jeremiah Pharms Disqualified)

MMA 160lbs: Dallas Smart Vs Thomas Hawkins DALLAS SMART WINS! ( Unanimous Decision)

MMA 125lbs: Michael Woods Vs Dillon Baker. MICHAEL WOODS WINS (1st Round Tapout due to choke at 1:11)

MMA 125lbs: Joseph McKernan Vs Adrian Lopez. ADRIAN LOPEZ WINS!  (1st Round verbal Tapout due to key lock at 2:38)

BJJ 200lbs: Jack Montgomery Vs David Mitchell.DAVID MITCHELL WINS via Tapout due to Rear Naked Choke (4:00).

BJJ 170lbs: Robert Travers Vs Erik Cruz. ERIK CRUZ WINS via Tapout due to Rear Naked Choke (3:45)

BJJ 135lbs: Frankie DiMartino Vs Kaisar Saulebayev. DRAW.

BJJ 135lbs: Nicole Johnson Vs Lila Smadja .DRAW.


WFC 49|Bout Sheet (V2)

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