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WFC 67 Official Results

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Thank you Southern Nevada! One of the best events we’ve had in Laughlin. Let’s keep the momentum and support the young and veteran pros from local area. Thank you!

HVY MMA TITLE Fight : SHANE MAPATIS WINS by anaconda choke over Chris Thompson. (1st Round at 2:29).
155 lbs PRO MMA: PETE MARTIN WINS by TKO over Brian Skinner (1st Round at 1:28).

115 lbs  MMA TITLE: CRISTIAN MOLINA WINS  by KO over Bryce Harley (1st Round at 1:11).
155 lbs PRO MMA: KAINE MARZOLA WINS by darce choke over Tom Morales (2nd Round at 1:00).
170 lbs PRO MMA: JEFF ROMAN WINS by Unanimous Decision over Kory Kelley (28-29|28-29|28-29).
175 lbs MMA: DARIO CASTILLO WINS by Technical Decision (Doctor Stoppage) over Anthony Browder.
135 lbs PRO MMA: FARLEY THOMAS WINS by guillotine choke over Florin Moraru (1st Round at 2:56).
155 lbs MMA: DAN FORDHAM WINS by Split Decision over Tony Gonzalez (28-29|29-28|28-29).
160 lbs MMA: JJ NELSON WINS by Unanimous Decision over Gustavo Gomez (29-28|29-28|29-28).
155 lbs MMA: CAM BREWER WINS by armor submission over Cole Schoenfeld (3rd Round at 1:53).

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