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WFC 71 Official Results

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Thank you Lake Tahoe and Northern Nevada! We had a great show tonight! We’ll be back with LIVE MMA & BJJ July 1st at Carson City Inn.

145 lbs MMA TITLE : CHRIS COCORES WINS by TKO over Lake Gee. (4th Round at 2:03).

170 lbs MT TITLE: CAMERON CHURCH WINS by TKO over Brandon Mendoza (3rd Round at 1:48).

145 lbs  MMA: KYLE MOYA WINS  by armbar submission over Calob Ramirez (2nd Round at 2:32).

195 lbs MMA: DANIEL COMPTON WINS by rear naked choke over Keenan Herrera (1st Round at 2:41).

120 lbs MT: PERRIS BENEGAS WINS by Unanimous Decision over Inger Kleiv (30-27|30-27|29-28).

120 lbs BJJ: Lindsey Boston Vs Courtney Dubois DRAW.

170 lbs MMA: JOSH MENO WINS by TKO over Rudy Revillas (1st Round at :19).

185 lbs BJJ: JACK MONTGOMERY WINS by anaconda  over Cory Layton (at 2:31).

125 lbs MMA: CRIS MONTENEGR0 WINS by TKO over Dillon Baker (1st Round at 2:08).

HVY BJJ: BRIAN PLATFOOT WINS over Kacey Sanders at 2:28.

155 lbs MT: PHIL COLONNA WINS by Unanimous Decision over Carlos Cardoso (30-27|30-27|30-27).

140 lbs BJJ: Nicole Johnson Vs Alysia Ortega DRAW.

139 lbs MMA: JOSIAH McHALE WINS by Unanimous Decision over Curtis Fields (30-27|30-27|30-27).

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