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WFC 83 Official Results

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World Fighting Championships delivered a night of exciting, evenly matched, high paced fights of the next wave of stars. Thank you California for your continuous support!

124lbs.: Javier Padilla Vs Jospeh Cole. WINNER:JAVIER PADILLA by KO. (2nd Round at 2:53)

119lbs.: Anthony Reyes Vs Steven Lantry.WINNER: ANTHONY REYES by KO. (1st Round at 1:48)

122lbs.: Jonah Flores Vs Mefi Monterroso. WINNER: JONAH FLORES by UD (40-36 | 40-36 | 40-36).

1135lbs.: Luis Cervantes Vs Alec McGee.WINNER: LUIS CERVANTES by UD .

152lbs.: Louie Lopez Vs Josuhe Aispuro. WINNER: LOUIE LOPEZ by KO (2nd Round at 2:47).

126lbs.:Jacob Lerma Vs Adam Rothweiler WINNER: ADAM ROTHWEILER by KO  (3rd Round at 2:15)

126lbs.:Adan Ochoa Vs Juan Sandoval WINNER: ADAN OCHOA by Majority Decision (39-37 | 39-37 | 38-38).

118lbs.:Danny Andujo Vs Antonio Rodriguez WINNER: ANTONIO RODRIGUEZ by Split Decision (56-57 | 54-59 | 57-56).

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