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WFC 88 Official Results

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World Fighting Championships delivered a night of exciting, evenly matched, high paced fights of the next wave of stars. Thank you California for your continuous support! We’ll be back to Agua Caliente Casino Resort &  Spa August 25th,2018.

140lbs.: Luis Cervantes Vs Mario Aguilar. WINNER:LUIS CERVANTES by Unanimous Decision (40-35 |40-35 | 40-35).

127lbs.: Luis Coria Vs Raymond Chacon.WINNER: LUIS CORIA by Unanimous Decision (39-37 |39-37 | 40-36).

150lbs.: Louie Lopez Vs Brandon Harder. WINNER: LOUIE LOPEZ by KO. (1st Round at 1:32)

128lbs.: Izaac Colunga Vs Maclovio Salas. .WINNER: IZAAC COLUNGA by Unanimous Decision (40-36 |39-37 | 39-37).

130lbs.: Jose “Tito” Sanchez Vs Tyler Marshall. WINNER:JOSE “TITO” SANCHEZ  by KO (2nd Round at 2:00).

HVY.: Oscar Torrez Vs Ben Beebe. WINNER:OSCAR TORREZ  by Unanimous Decision (40-35 |40-35 | 40-35).

119lbs.: Anthony Reyes Vs Tiy Marbel. WINNER:ANTHONY REYES  by KO (1st Round at 1:58).

122lbs.: Jonah Flores Vs Angelo Rampolla. WINNER:JONAH FLORES  by Unanimous Decision (40-36 |39-37 | 40-36).

AMMY 165lbs.: Ezequiel Matthyssae Vs Raul Saloman. WINNER:EZEQUIEL MATTHYSSAE.

AMMY 130lbs.: David Ortiz Vs Matthew Nevarez. WINNER:DAVID ORTIZ.

AMMY 140lbs.: Calvin Moore Vs Cristian Recendez. WINNER:CRISTIAN RECENDEZ  by TKO (2nd Round at :27 secs).

AMMY 136lbs.: Armando Navarro Vs Alfredo Martinez. WINNER:ARMANDO NAVARRO.

AMMY 145lbs.: Andrew Nevarez Vs Erick Reyes. WINNER:ERICK REYES.

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