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WFC 93 Official Results

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Thank you Southern California for your continuous support!

133lbs.: Francisco Ochoa Vs Eduardo Reyes. WINNER:FRANCISCO OCHOA by Unanimous Decision (60-54 |60-54 | 60-54).

150lbs.: Richard Brewart Jr. Vs Demetrius Wilson . WINNER: RICHARD BREWART JR. by Unanimous Decision (40-36 |40-36 | 40-36).

124lbs.: Alexander Enriquez Vs Josefat Vazquez. WINNER: ALEXANDER ENRIQUEZ by KO. (In the 1st Round)

128lbs.: Izaac Colunga Vs. Florin Moraru. WINNER: IZAAC COLUNGA by KO. (In the 3rd Round)

HVY.: Oscar Torrez Vs Cody Sons. WINNER: OSCAR TORREZ by KO. (In the 2nd Round)

125lbs.: Jose “Tito” Sanchez Vs Alvin Brown. WINNER: JOSE SANCHEZ by KO. (1st Round)

126lbs.: De’Von Abraham Vs Jose Maria Delgado. DRAW. (39-38 |39-37 | 37-39).

125lbs.: Anthony Ramirez Vs Tiy Marble. WINNER: ANTHONY RAMIREZ by KO. (In the 2nd Round)

125lbs.: Daniel Cruz Vs Matt Gaver. WINNER: DANIEL CRUZ by Unanimous Decision (40-36 |40-36 | 40-36).

125lbs.: Leo Ruiz Vs Josuhe Aispuro. WINNER: LEO RUIZ by KO. (In the 2nd Round)


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